Cozy, small, comfortable holiday home awaits you at Läänema county, Nõva municipality, Nõmmemaa village, in the middle of pinewoods. 

We offer homely accommodation to you, who you are tired and exhausted of everyday rushing and stress. It is for someone, who wants peace, quiet and just to be, so you could gather strenght and hope, for facing tomorrow.

In our wooden house of Lootuse Spa (Spa of hope) we have done everything to make it cozy, with care and love. Like a bird in a nest, you can forget all your troubles and see beauty of life again.

RoomSuitable both for individual and family, the house has 3 rooms, with possibility to accomodate 4 people, kitchen and sauna. In summer time, it is also possible to accomodate children in separate small hut.

KitchenUpstairs has two double rooms. Ground floor has fireplace, terrace, kitchen, sauna, toilet, shower, TV, DVD player, Stereo and also washing mashine. Woodburning sauna is relaxing and invigorating. Sauna is also equipped with firewood, self made organic soap and towels. We also offer the opportunity to relax in the wooden hot tub. Kitchen is equipped with cooking range, coffeemaker, toaster, refridgerator and microwave.

Our place is also a joy to children – there is a small playcorner inside and children´s playground outside. We also offer travel-beds for babies and toddlers. By the main building we have terrace for dining and relaxing, complete with grill and smoker. 
Make yourself at home!

Location is filled with nature lovers delights - several small lakes, walking paths, sandy beaches. There are several landscape conservations, with possibility to have guided tour, to introduce the local landscape. One of the most enjoyed places is Peraküla beach, which is known for the beatyful long sandy strip, with so called singing sand, and beautyful sunsets. The almost 11 km long beach is only 10 km from the holiday house. Sea coast and clean sand is one of the prettiest sights. From us you can also walk to small forest lakes Veskijärv and Tänavjärv. Hike around Veskijärv is about 10 km. Both lakes offer great views and beautiful nature. The highest point of North-Western Estonia, 30 m above sea level, is only 3 km from us, near lake Veskijärv, with lots of sand dunes. The smaller ponds of the are are also suitable for swimming and the forests are rich of natural products.

Not very far from us, are cape Põõsaspea and Osmussaare island, which are internationally known bird watching locations. Millions of arctic birds travel through there. If you would like to spend a day on deserted island, it is possible to go exploring Osmussaare island. Boat ride, from Dirhami harbor, takes about an hour.

SeepWe also offer  self-made organical goat milk soap, and spiritual recuperation - Christian counseling. Holiday house is not for large event holding nor partying. It is more for recovery and place of peace.

This is why we call it SPA. It is care for for your spirit, soul and body. Our goal is to renew spiritual and physical health, following Christian values, and through that make the living environment happier and healthier.

It is important for us, to offer warm environment that is close to nature, caring and loving.