House rules

Dear guest!


Generally the time for registering in is at 15.00, and registering out is at 12.00

Please be mindful with the holiday home property, given to your posession, and please take care of cleanliness of the holiday home, during your visit.

Smoking is forbidden indoors, in all rooms. Also we prefer you not consuming alcoholic beverages. Our desire is to keep the holiday home peaceful and quiet.

Please make sure you follow our guidelines, when making fire:

FIREPLACE: When making fire in the fireplace, make sure the damper (top right corner) is open. Open the ash compartment slightly. Do not close the fireplace door completely, until the fire has started. The intensity of the fire can be adjusted with damper position.

SAUNA FURNACE: When making fire in the fireplace, open the ash compartment slightly. Keep the door slightly open, until fire has started. For best steam room experience, open the ventilation hatch, above the seating area.

Please do not leave fire unattended! Please do not overheat the fireplaces, as to comply with fire safety legislation. In case of fire hazard, call 112.

We have a dedicated barbeque area. Please do not barbeque with strong wind, or on the wooden terrace.

Our deep well has passed all the purity analyses. You may experience some odor, which is common in this area, due to natural gases, present in the groundwater. We also provide a filtration pitcher, or you can bring your own drinking water, if you so desire.

Pets are prohibited.

NB! Internet connection may be unstable.

Please return the holiday home, as it was provided to you – with tidy rooms and clean dishes.

If you feel anything is missing in our holiday home, we are ready to be of assistance.


With best wishes and gratitude,

Lootuse Spa family