We also offer pastoral care and  Estonian handmade natural goat milk soap.

Pastoral care

Pastoral careWe also provide pastoral care, where you can feel safe. It is listening, caring of your troubles.

Bible teaches us, that nothing in this world has happened by chance. God is humans creator and He knows, how to fix shattered worlds. We ourselves are witnesses and believe, that greatest wonders happen, when you allow Gods intervention.

87 percent of Estonias population suffers under stress. Over 20 000 new psyche disorders are diagnosed every year. Mental and Spiritual health are tightly related to physical wellbeing.

We believe, that God cares of every person, and wants to help.


Goat milk soap - a perfect gift to your skin

Goat milk soapOur natural handmade soaps are made from fresh goat milk,natural fats and oils.The colors are all natural too,never from dyes or synthetic colors and we only use high quality essential oils to scent our goat milk soaps. 

In addition to main component(olive-,avocado oil,palm & coconut fats), it also consist very little of some organic additives(pink clay,sea mud,sea buckthorn oil).The goal is not to sell scent or color, but product that would please both skin and nose. We prefer simplicity, as in it is charm.

We use the goat milk because it provides many moisturizing and healthy benefits to your skin.
Goat milk is with very rich in composition - over 50 nutrients, important to organism, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium), amino acids, vitamins (B-group, A, C, PP, D and E), which nourish and bring the skin to new life. All this is well present in fresh milk. Fresh goat milk has antibacterial and resiliance increasing effects. Goat milks composition is very close to humans breast milk, hence very suitable for people with allergies, problematic skin (acne, psoriasis, eczemas), and all skin types, from little to old. Goat milk soap has similar ph-level to human skin - let your skin thank you! All these products are in accordance with the requirements of European Union Council Directive 76/768 EEC and had cosmetics product safety reports.