RandThere are several small lakes, hiking trails and sandy beaches in the area, for nature lovers. There are several landscape protection areas near by, where you can get a guided hiking trip, to get to know the local landscape and nature. One of the most enjoyed places is Peraküla beach, which is known for the beautyful long sandy strip, with so called singing sand, and beautyful sunsets. The almost 11 km long beach is only 10 km from the holiday house. Sea coast and clean sand is one of the prettiest sights. From us you can also walk to small forest lakes Veskijärv and Tänavjärv. Hike around Veskijärv is about 10 km. Both lakes offer great views and beautiful nature. The highest point of North-Western Estonia, 30 m above sea level, is only 3 km from us, near lake Veskijärv, with lots of sand dunes. The smaller ponds of the are are also suitable for swimming. The forests are also rich of natural products.

PaatNot so far from us, 22-25 km, you can find cape of Põõsaspea and Dirhami harbor. Cape Põõsaspea is internationally known birdwatching spot, where millions of arctic birds can be viewed. Dirhami harbor is historically important for trading and travelling. Nowdays it is an active yacht harbor, with cozy caffe, which is open during the summer months. If you wish to spend a day on an uninhabitated island, you can go to Osmussaare island, from Dirhami harbor. Boat ride there, takes about an hour. 

Nõva St. Olaf church is also a sight seeing option. This is the only old wooden church of Western Estonia, with rare stained glass windows. We also recommend Roosta adventure park and RMK nature center of Nõva. The nature center offers information of surrounding nature, natural sight seeing objects and hiking trails. There are also video expositions and microscopes, for seeing nature, hidden from the naked eye.
Nearest store is about 9 km from us, in Nõva. In Nõva during the summer season is open tourist information café. They offer coffee, tea, homemade cakes, hot dogs, ice cream and homemade bread. The historical town of Haapsalu is about 50 km from the holiday house.